White Zirconia Crowns

Although stainless steel crowns have been around for decades due to their proven durability and effectiveness, recent technology in the field of pediatric dentistry has allowed us to offer esthetic white crowns for baby teeth that are just as durable and long-lasting, without compromising the beauty of your child’s smile with an all-metal crown. If esthetics is a primary concern for you, Dr. Loren or Dr. Natasha will determine if your child is a good candidate for this type of crown.


Sometimes a white composite “filling” is required to restore the esthetics of a front tooth that has sustained a traumatic injury or suffers from one of the many developmental abnormalities that can affect the coloration of adult teeth. Unfortunately, fractured permanent teeth are a common traumatic injury in adolescent children and often requires a simple bonding procedure, which is similar to having a cavity filled, except there is no decayed tooth structure to be removed.

Professional Teeth Whitening

We understand that often tooth color may be an aesthetic issue for adolescent patients and we offer safe and gentle bleaching to lighten the color of your child’s teeth. We encourage your teenage child or you to address any cosmetic concern you may have and will offer you a solution that meets your needs.